Retailer Achieves 26% Energy Savings with GridPoint

November 14, 2014 By Karen Henry

gridpoint energy-manageGridPoint announced that its submetering, monitoring and intelligent building control technology, combined with its cloud-based analytics software, has helped national retailer VF Outlet achieve an average savings of 26 percent across its installed sites since 2012 with some stores reaching 30 percent individually.

GridPoint’s submetering and monitoring devices gather asset-level energy consumption and environmental data at VF Outlet’s sites and send the data to GridPoint Energy Manager, a cloud-based, centralized software platform, which analyzes the data in real-time to optimize energy usage. The retailer can identify critical issues that may be affecting a site’s energy usage through a variety of exception reports and alarms in GridPoint Energy Manager. At select VF Outlet locations, GridPoint deployed its advanced control algorithms, including load curtailment, which turns off equipment or adjusts setpoints automatically to meet peak load targets.

GridPoint’s support team also provides phone and e-mail assistance for setpoint and schedule adjustments from the sites or corporate users based on pre-defined overrides and ranges.

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