Navitas Unveils Line of Lithium Batteries

September 18, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

battery energy manageNavitas Systems unveiled a new product family of lithium lead acid replacement batteries called Ultanium.

The first batteries of this new product line are targeted at high volume lead acid batteries in the military and commercial/industrial market segments. The lithium battery is in the same size range as common military and commercial/industrial lead acid batteries and is designed to work with existing lead acid chargers; offering a drop-in replacement.

The “Group 31” is a broadly-deployed commercial lead acid battery type used in both motive and stationary deep cycle applications, including trucks, boats, light-duty material-handling equipment, solar energy storage and power backup systems. In total, about nine million Group 31 lead acid batteries are sold annually in the United States.

The Navitas Ultanium family of lithium battery replacements for lead acid batteries will start with three versions: the 24 volt lithium 6T battery, the 12 volt lithium 6T battery, and the 12 volt Group 31 battery.

Navitas says Ultanium batteries are vastly improved in cycle life, runtime, capacity recovery and charging time. Also, an Ultanium string of batteries is 50 percent more compact when needing to add batteries for meeting a particular run time objective.

The Ultanium 6T battery will be undergoing testing by the United States Army by the fourth quarter this year, with production scheduled for mid-2015 conditioned on a successful test outcome. Expected availability of the Ultanium Group 31 battery will be in the first quarter of 2015, with full production scheduled for the second quarter of 2015.

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