Net Zero Training Institute Dedicated in L.A.

June 6, 2016 By Carl Weinschenk

net-zeroThe Net Zero Plus Electric Training Institute in metro Los Angeles has been dedicated. The company said that the 144,000-square-foot demonstration center and “living laboratory” is the largest net-zero commercial building retrofit in the country.

Net-zero buildings produce as much or more energy than they use. The facility, according to the press release, showcases smart energy efficiency design, microgrid system integration, storage technologies, building resiliency strategies and what it refers to as a suite of integrated electrical technologies and controls.

The dedication program was attended by more than 500 government, business and community leaders from Los Angeles, including Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Brock Sansom, the former CEO of SHIFT Energy, posted a column at Energy Manager Today last autumn on the newly emerging – and positive – realities of net zero buildings.

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