NetworkThermostat Monitors Humidity, HVAC

June 19, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

thermostat energy manageNetworkThermostat’s commercial grade WiFi and Ethernet programmable thermostats can monitor and control humidification or dehumidification as well as providing HVAC control locally or over the Internet.

All of NetworkThermostat’s UP32 family of thermostats control conventional gas/electric (2H/2C) and heat pump (3H/2C) systems, and the UP32H can also manage humidifiers and dehumidifiers as well as fresh air dampers. A lock-out feature limits temperature overrides to ±3 degrees F or ±5 degrees F and includes an adjustable override timer.

Integrated real time weather forecasts, based on local zip code, eliminate the need for outdoor sensors when setting heat pump balance points. Special algorithms lessen energy usage peaks by minimizing the number of HVAC units that can turn on at the same time.

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