New California Title 24 Energy Standards Affect Lighting

July 1, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

LED energy manageToday, the 2013 California Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24) take effect.

Digital Lumens says updates to the standards include mandated lighting controls, such as daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing for non-residential environments.

Digital Lumens adds that its Intelligent LED Lighting System meets the new requirements and:

  • Each fixture has a fully integrated occupancy sensor and full-range digital dimming;
  • Every Digital Lumens Intelligent LED fixture includes integrated photo sensors, which continually assess available ambient light and automatically adjust light output to desired levels;
  • With LightRules energy and intelligence software, facility managers can set a demand response profile that can be activated as needed;
  • With the Intelligent Lighting System’s lighting profiles and scheduling, facility managers can set lights to turn off during times that an area is scheduled to be empty though occupancy sensors remain active to provide light if necessary.

Photo: LED office lighting via Shutterstock

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