New Hydro-Quebec Data Center to Use Free Cooling

May 29, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

EhvertA new data center for the hydroelectric power producer Hydro-Québec will leverage free cooling technology.

Under a 20-year lease and operation agreement, consortium partners Pomerleau, Veolia and Ehvert will design, construct and operate the data center.

By implementing a state-of-the-art cooling system that uses outside air, the data center is projected to achieve an industry-leading power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating of 1.3 or lower.

Leveraging a scalable approach, Ehvert is designing the data center to augment its power capacity in stages from 1.6 MW to 4.5 MW over the course of the 20-year term. Once construction is completed by Pomerleau in 2016, Veolia will provide operations and maintenance services for the data center under a 20-year lease and operation agreement, including technical data center operations, facility maintenance and property management, 24/7 physical security and ongoing energy management support.

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