College Cuts Electricity Costs, Reduces Fatal Bird Collisions

July 31, 2014 By Karen Henry

atlantic-cape-cc-energy-manageBy installing bird-friendly film over highly reflective, heat-conducting glass, Atlantic Cape Community College’s Cape May County Campus in NJ has reduced its cooling costs and the number of fatal bird collisions at the same time. The dual problems began immediately after the college’s Cape May County Campus was established in 2005.

Atlantic Cape decided to apply a window film called CollidEscape. Before the installation, windows reflected the nearby trees and sky, making it appear to be a real and inviting flyway for birds. With the film installed, the windows appear opaque to birds, but people inside have a clear view of the outdoors. The college began installing the treatment on 255 windows in June. It will spend about $16,700 to purchase and install CollidEscape on the windows.

CollidEscape blocks about half the heat energy from the sun, suppressing both infrared and ultraviolet radiation. It also reduces glare, producing a more comfortable environment for students and staff and resulting in energy savings by reducing the air conditioning requirements.

Bird mortality from collisions with glass is a problem virtually anywhere there are birds and glass, according to the American Bird Conservancy.

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