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New Natural Gas Power Plants Help Schools Save Money

October 15, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

school energy manageFlorida’s Sarasota County School District has lowered its electric bills by about $2.4 million since 2009 due to energy efficiency measures and rate reductions, reports the Herald Tribune.

Although the school district has added more square footage since 2009, its electricity rate has gone down more than 15 percent, says the newspaper.

Florida Power & Light rates have gone down because the utility is transitioning from oil-fired power plants to new natural-gas facilities, which cost less to operate. Rates are expected to drop even more in 2015 with business customers seeing a decrease of about one percent.

The Sarasota schools have also implemented energy conservation measures such as building energy management systems, demand response strategies and updated lighting.

Photo: Florida school via Shutterstock

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