Switching to LEDs Without Leaving the Past Behind

Carl Weinschenk

People are as attached to the look and feel of the places they work as those in which they live. Energy managers should keep this in mind as they upgrade the lighting.

McKinstry Replacing 6,200 Lights with LEDs in Henderson, NV

Carl Weinschenk

McKinstry will replace more than 6,200 legacy lighting fixtures with LEDs across Henderson, NV, according to LED Inside. In addition to saving money, the LEDs will improve public lighting and are expected to last for more than 20 years. McKinstry was hired last year to audit lighting in Henderson and develop an LED-based replacement plan.   …Continue Reading

USDA Investing More than $300M in Efficiency, Renewables

Carl Weinschenk

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is investing more than $300 million in projects aimed at increasing use of renewables and energy efficiency options for small businesses. The press release on the move said that the USDA will spend $237 million in support of 423 small businesses through the Rural Energy for America (REAP) program. In   …Continue Reading

ERC Price Benchmark Trends Week Ending: October 21, 2016

Jim Moore, PhD

Moving to a December 2016 prompt month, the Energy Research Council national average benchmark price for retail electricity held steady last week at $0.0746 per kilowatt hour (kWh). Prices in several states, however, did shift somewhat. In Texas, the average benchmark price jumped 1.5% last week to a level 4% higher than a month ago.   …Continue Reading

Could Cleaner Energy Save Ohio Ratepayers $50M in 2030, Alone?

Cheryl Kaften

An economic study released on October 24 finds that a solid mix of energy efficiency and clean energy in Ohio could provide savings of between $28.8 million and $50.9 million for Ohio electricity customers in 2030 alone.

Yakima City Council Mulls Utility Rate Hike on Large Businesses to Bolster Reserve Fund

Cheryl Kaften

In an effort to make headway in adding $5 million to the city’s rainy day fund, the Yakima, Washington, City Council is considering increasing taxes on businesses that use large amounts of electricity or natural gas, the Yakima Herald reported on October 25.

Making Solar Inverters Smarter

Carl Weinschenk

The way in which utilities handle solar power is evolving. Energy managers should pay attention, because the changes involve equipment they purchase.

Unlocking the Power of Building Data

Staff Writer

Are you dealing with vast amounts of building data spread across various reports, spreadsheets, and in multiple formats?  Successful building operations requires a keen understanding of all data points, from every source, utility, sensor and occupant. It requires an integrated, centralized, normalized view of data to discover insights and make improvements. Unlocking the power of data gives you the   …Continue Reading

Lockheed Martin Installs the GridStar Storage System at Syracuse Facility

Carl Weinschenk

Lockheed Martin has installed the GridStar Lithium energy storage system at its Syracuse, NY, facility. The press release says that the 1 MW system also will provide services to New York Independent System Operator, which is the state’s competitive wholesale electricity operator. The system will be operated by ENGIE. The press release says that the   …Continue Reading

Schneider Electric Unveils Continuous Efficiency

Carl Weinschenk

Schneider Electric today introduced Continuous Efficiency, which it says is a suite of managed services and software that combine onsite and remote tools. The key components of the package include assets aimed at data acquisition and quality; remote analytics and optimization; software visualization and onsite consulting, according to the press release. The release says that   …Continue Reading