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How a JLL Building Saves Energy, Makes $80K

Sitar Mody

For 10 weeks this summer, EDF Climate Corps fellow Karan Gupta worked for JLL, a commercial real estate firm, to optimize energy use at one of the company’s largest buildings: 77 West Wacker Dr., a 1-million-square-foot commercial office building in downtown Chicago. At the core of Karan’s work was demand response – an energy savings tool that pays people to shift   …Continue Reading

Swinerton Switches to Locus for Solar Monitoring

Linda Hardesty

Swinerton Renewable Energy, an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) provider for solar markets, has standardized its entire solar fleet on Locus Energy’s SolarNOC monitoring platform. A spokeswoman said, “The two companies have been in discussions for many months now, so everything is integrated at this point.” Swinerton had been using its own Solar Operations Live View (SOLV)   …Continue Reading

Honeywell Integrates LEED Dynamic Plaque

Linda Hardesty

The US Green Building Council is integrating its new LEED Dynamic Plaque near-real-time monitoring tool with building automation technology from Honeywell. The LEED Dynamic Plaque assesses facility performance in the categories of energy use, water consumption, waste output, occupant transportation and human experience, aggregating data to provide an overall performance score that reflects the LEED   …Continue Reading

Toshiba Carrier Expands HVAC Business Globally

Linda Hardesty

Toshiba and United Technologies – through their joint venture Toshiba Carrier Corporation (TCC) – have set a target to double the unit’s $1.6 billion annual revenues by the next decade. TCC already has a significant presence in the HVAC industry in Japan. Now, TCC will expand engineering and sales resources outside of Japan, and will   …Continue Reading

Lifecycle Analysis of Renewables Shows Benefit over Fossil Fuel

Karen Henry

Research shows that when considering lifecycle energy and emission impacts, renewable energy production has solid benefits over fossil fuel energy production. Sustainable Business News reported on research that compares the short- and long-term impacts of wind turbine and solar panel energy production to fossil fuel energy production. Researchers at Oregon State University found that wind   …Continue Reading

Solar PV Prices to Drop through 2016

Karen Henry

The Department of Energy (DOE) SunShot Initiative seeks to reduce solar PV prices in the United States by 75 percent between 2010 and 2020. Based on a new report from the DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), the nation appears to be on track to meet that goal. Distributed solar   …Continue Reading

Heliocentris Develops Fuel Cell Technology for Mobile Phone Base Stations

Linda Hardesty

Germany-based Heliocentris Energy Solutions is to receive subsidies amounting to $1.9 million for the development of a new kind of hydrogen-based fuel cell emergency power supply. Among other things, these funds are to be used for grid-connected mobile phone base stations to ensure full connectivity in the event of blackouts. Heliocentris’ technology works with an   …Continue Reading

GM Installs 2.2 MW Solar Array at Factory

Linda Hardesty

General Motors’ new 2.2 MW ground-mounted solar array will be complete by the end of 2014 at its Lordstown, Ohio, complex. When the last of more than 8,500 solar panels are in place, it will be GM’s largest solar installation in the Western Hemisphere. The renewable energy produced by the array is enough to power   …Continue Reading

True or False: Saving Energy in the Workplace Automatically Drives Productivity

Bob Best

Short answer: False. Corporate sustainability programs often have a halo effect, perpetuating the myth that green initiatives inherently improve employee engagement. But not all sustainability measures are created equal when it comes to employee impact. Energy savings drawn from reduced heating or cooling requirements can be offset, for example, when employees are too hot or   …Continue Reading

Danish Island Serves as Testbed for Integrating Renewables into Grid

Linda Hardesty

The biggest smart grid project in Europe – the EcoGrid pilot – is being conducted on the Danish island of Bornholm. The project is trying to coordinate the fluctuations in the price of electricity with the volume of renewable energy available at five minute intervals, reports PennEnergy. In order to conduct the pilot, Bornholm’s local   …Continue Reading

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