Better Buildings, Better Plants: 12 Success Stories

Carl Weinschenk

The Department of Energy is encouraging industrial plants to be more energy and water efficient — and industry is listening.

CA Governor Signs Bill Clarifying PACE Disclosures

Carl Weinschenk

  California Governor Jerry Brown today signed legislation setting uniform disclosure rules for Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing programs. PACE programs enable energy efficiency loans to be issued to property owners that are repaid as a line item on their tax bill. The press release on the bill from the Ygrene Energy Fund says   …Continue Reading

CA School District to Get 73% of Energy From Solar Carports

Carl Weinschenk

The Colton Joint Unified School District in California will install SunPower Helix carport solar systems at 28 schools. Together, the systems will generate about 6.1 MW of energy and save the school district more than $35 million during the next 25 years, according to the parties. The press release says that the carport systems will   …Continue Reading

Two Critical Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Current Energy Contract

Staff Writer

Take a second and think about the energy buying process at your organization. Maybe you already have a routine in place and sign a new supply agreement when renewal time comes around.

Pepco and Exelon Say Customers Have Benefitted$440 Million Since Merger

Cheryl Kaften

Since Exelon and Pepco Holdings completed their merger six months ago, the combined utilities have delivered millions of dollars’ worth of bill credits, reliability improvements, and other investments to their customers, the company reported on September 19.

ICC Issues Stringent Consumer Protection Rules For Retail Electric Suppliers

Cheryl Kaften

By unanimous vote, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) issued a First Notice Order (Docket No. 15-0512) on September 22, making significant changes to the marketing rules retail electric suppliers must follow in the Prairie State.

Tesla’s Battery Storage Device Put to Use. Time to Exhale?

Ken Silverstein

When Tesla previously unveiled its Gigafactory to produce battery storage devices, a lot of folks held their breath. Now that the company’s products have been put to use in the United Kingdom, it may be time to exhale. Indeed, Camborne Energy Storage is using Tesla’s “Powerpack” to prevents the lights from flickering out for the National Grid there.

Variable Speed Drives are a Powerful Efficiency Tool

Carl Weinschenk

Motors historically either were on or off. Savvy energy managers can benefit from the fact that this no longer is the case.

Veolia Checks Into the UK’s Tallest Hotel

Carl Weinschenk

Combined heat and power (CHP) is getting quite a boost: When it is finished this autumn, the tallest hotel in the United Kingdom will use CHP to provide heat and hot water. Veolia’s technology will be used at the Novatel London Canary Wharf hotel, which will be 39 stories high and have 313 guest rooms,   …Continue Reading

Massachusetts Aims for Critical Care Resiliency

Carl Weinschenk

Massachusetts is offering $14 million in grants for energy resiliency projects aimed at critical care facilities. The grants are part of the $40 million Community Clean Energy Resiliency Initiative (CCERI). The overall goal of CCERI is to protect participating entities from service interruption due to severe weather conditions. This is the initiative’s third round of   …Continue Reading