NRG Donates $100,000 for Solar at Houston Food Bank

July 23, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

NRG Energy ManageThe Houston Food Bank received a $100,000 donation from NRG Energy and a similar donation from Green Mountain Energy Sun Club to support the installation of a solar array at the 308,000-sq-foot facility just east of downtown Houston.

The array will consist of 280 photovoltaic panels which are expected to annually generate over 80,000 kWh to offset a portion of the facility’s energy needs.

In 2008, NRG Energy provided $200,000 to support Houston Food Bank’s emergency operations in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. Additionally, NRG personnel maintain the Food Bank’s emergency generators that can ensure the refrigerators and freezers keep food safe during outages such as was experienced after Ike.

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