Office Tower Sees 43% Cut in HVAC Energy Usage

September 22, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

energy manageAn initial two-day validation exercise at a 300,000-sq-foot office tower in Irvine, Calif., reveals that the building’s recent HVAC efficiency upgrade will provide a 43.7 percent reduction in HVAC energy usage, says Enerliance, who used its Load Based Optimization System (LOBOS) for the project. The reduction equates to a projected savings of nearly one million kWh per year

LOBOS is an optimization system for large-scale air conditioning systems that offers energy efficiency and fully automated demand response capability. LOBOS optimizes the chiller plant and also the air handling system while maintaining tenant comfort.

Building owners, Ocean West Capital Partners, initiated the project after purchasing the distressed property out of receivership. The LOBOS installation is part of a comprehensive retrofit, including updating the building to qualify for LEED certification.

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