Ohio Energy ‘Freeze’ Kills Wind Projects

January 19, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

Ohio energy manageOhio’s two-year “freeze” of its energy efficiency and renewables mandates is having a definite chilling affect on the wind industry, reports the Toledo Blade.

In June 2014, Ohio’s Governor John Kasich signed into law Senate Bill 310 that froze the state’s energy efficiency and renewable energy mandates at 2014 levels until 2017.

Based on research from The Pew Charitable Trust, the Toledo newspaper reports that solar and wind projects have practically ground to a halt in Ohio. In 2012, Ohio installed 313 MW of new wind projects, which amounted to 13th in the nation. In 2013, the state installed no new wind projects. In addition, state manufacturing facilities that produce wind energy components are starting to leave the industry because of the uncertainty in state policies.

Senate Bill 310 states that the energy efficiency and renewables rules will automatically be restored in 2017. However, the bill also creates a legislative study committee that could recommend the legislature permanently amend or freeze the rules.

Photo: Ohio via Shutterstock

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