Opower Beefs Up Platform

October 15, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Opower Energy ManageOpower released its Opower 5.5 Flex with enhancements to its technology platform. The company says Opower 5.5 Flex enables more than 95 utilities worldwide to meet rising expectations of residential and business customers.

New capabilities include:

  • Load Curve Archetypes use machine learning to cluster customers based on energy usage patterns. Utilities can create segments to differentiate marketing content to customers based on their load profiles, such as late afternoon peakers or midday users.
  • Visual Segmentation 2.0 optimizes customer communications and program enrollment in response to behavioral patterns.

In addition, Opower announced a collaboration with Emerson Electric – OpenStat, which is a set of APIs to support utility led smart thermostat programs. An open source project, OpenStat introduces a new standard for how thermostat manufacturers, Opower, and utilities can work together to deploy multi-channel thermostat programs. Through a secure certificate management process administered by Opower using 4096-bit keys, authorized partners, including EnergySavvy and First Fuel can integrate with the Opower platform via a set of standardized APIs.

Opower says its clients are utilizing the new ecosystem capabilities to serve every customer class in their portfolios.


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