Panoramic Power, Lucid Bring ‘Non-invasive’ Energy Management

August 21, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Panoramic Energy ManagePanoramic Power and Lucid are combining technologies for a wireless energy monitoring system. Customers can install and map hundreds of sensors within a couple of hours in a non-invasive way and without disruption to their businesses.

The joint offering combines Panoramic Power’s miniature, self-powered sensors with Lucid’s energy management software BuildingOS for monitoring energy consumption at the individual circuit level in real time.

The companies say the integration of granular data provided by Panoramic Power combined with Lucid’s BuildingOS is a non-invasive way to quickly set up an energy monitoring system.

Lucid’s ConnectNow integration technology delivers instant connectivity for a growing number of meters, systems, and devices. The platform connects with over 160 metering and building systems, including building automation, submeters, lighting and plug load controls, on-site generation, demand response, as well as electric and gas utilities.

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