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Partners Boost Renewables at European Firms

May 13, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

EcoHZ Energy ManageECOHZ is a European provider of Guarantees of Origin (GO), which document renewable energy from production to consumption. CDP is an international non-governmental organization that works with investors, companies, and governments to drive environmental disclosures.

ECOHZ and CDP are partnering on a new product that allows enterprises to track their renewable power consumption. The CDP-ECOHZ partnership will create an open source standard for the ECOHZ GO² product, allowing other providers around the world to offer this new product.

GO² builds on the GO system and bundles renewable energy consumption along with a contribution to new renewable energy production.

ECOHZ says by joining forces with CDP it will drive increased awareness among corporations of the opportunities for purchasing documented renewable energy and linking this directly to the building of additional renewable power capacity.

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