PECI’s Grocery Energy Efficiency Programs Have Saved 2.5B kWh

September 8, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

peci energy manageThe nonprofit group PECI says that from 2002 through 2014, its grocery energy efficiency programs nationwide have cumulatively saved more than 2.5 billion kWh as a result of many individual projects with grocers of all sizes across the country.

The grocery market segment is particularly energy intensive and traditionally hard for utility energy efficiency programs to reach. The 240,000 US grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience stores typically operate within narrow profit margins of 1-2 percent, which makes it difficult for grocers to commit to the upfront costs of improving the energy efficiency of their stores.

PECI’s EnergySmart Grocer programs remove these barriers by providing energy assessments, technical consultation and assistance with the installation process. By partnering with utilities to offer financial incentives for the installation of energy efficient refrigeration, lighting and HVAC equipment, customers complete comprehensive energy efficiency projects that significantly lower their operating costs. Once customers complete a project and see savings on their energy bills, they become more likely to continue making improvements. In fact, 80 percent of participants in PECI’s grocery program complete more than one project.

Since 2002, PECI has implemented grocery energy efficiency programs across eight states and with more than 100 utilities.

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