Pennsylvania PUC Moves to Restrict Net Metering for Farmers

September 9, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

farm energy manageThe Pennsylvania Farm Bureau is asking the state’s Public Utility Commission to not classify farms as “commercial generating” entities for net metering purposes. The Farm Bureau submitted written comments to the PUC in response to a proposal to revise the regulatory standards for implementation of the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act of 2004, reports North Central PA.

The PUC is considering reclassifying its net metering customers into a separate group from utilities and other commercial generators of electricity.

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau President Carl Shaffer told North Central PA: “Farmers are not commercial electric companies. Their primary focus is making their farm business profitable, not earning a living through supplying electricity. Typically, farmers use alternative energy production to manage the high volume of energy needed to run their farming operations.”

The state’s utility regulator is proposing that farms not be eligible for net metering if their onsite generation exceeds 110 percent of their use.

Photo: Farm with solar via Shutterstock


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