People Hate Revolving Doors, But They Save Energy

August 14, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

door energy manageAlthough revolving doors at the entrance to commercial buildings annoy people, they do save energy, according to an article in Vox.

Energy savings varies depending on climate and amount of use, but a 2006 MIT study found that having everyone use revolving doors on an MIT campus building would save about 1.5 percent of the total energy needed to cool and heat that building annually, or about 36 watt hours of energy saved each time a revolving door is used instead of a swing door, reports Vox.

The revolving door saves energy by limiting the drafts of heated or cooled air that pass outside the building.

The MIT study found that one pass through a traditional swing door allowed about eight times more air to flow out or in to the building than one pass through a revolving door.

When given a choice between a regular swing door or a revolving door, most people will chose the swing door because it’s quicker. But if they don’t immediately see a swing door because it’s tucked away, they’ll use the revolving door. People will also use the revolving door more frequently if they see signs indicating it saves energy.

Photo: Revolving door via Shutterstock

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