Performing Arts Center Installs Energy Storage

July 10, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

ImergyThe Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center in Livermore, California, will install an Imergy Power Systems ESP30 series vanadium-based flow battery as part of its new behind-the-meter energy system.

The 30 kW/120 kWh ESP30 battery will work in conjunction with a SunEdison 59 kW photovoltaic system and Geli’s Energy Operating System software.

With the new system, the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center expects to generate about 85 MWh of energy per year.

The new behind-the-meter clean energy system will reduce the amount of electricity the arts center needs to purchase from the grid, helping the arts center lower its utility bill. The new system will also allow the arts center to store electricity generated by its SunEdison solar system during the day for use at night, helping it lower its peak energy use levels and avoid possible energy demand charges in the future. The system will also provide backup power in the event of outages.

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