PEZY Wins Top 3 Spots in Supercomputer Cooling Rankings

September 24, 2015 By Carl Weinschenk

pezyPEZY Computing, a microprocessor company headquartered in Japan, has taken the top three spots on the Green500 list. It did so by using 3M’s Fluorinert Electronic Liquid in the ExaScaler’s immersion cooling process.

Supercomputers run very hot and require massive amounts of energy to cool. The immersion cooling process uses engineered dielectric fluids to increase energy efficiency, which reduces leads to less expensive operation.

PEZY’s three systems all broke the 6 gigaflops-per-watt (GFLOP/W) threshold. The highest was the Shoubu supercomputer from RIKEN, which hit the 7.03 GFLOPS mark. The Green500 is a biannual ranking of super computer energy efficiency.

Supercomputers don’t just use energy – they help save it as well. GNC reported earlier this month the researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory used a supercomputer — and other resources — to develop Autotune code that automatically calibrates building energy models with actual usage. This increases the speed for creation of models for optimization of building parameters for cost and energy and makes them more accurate.

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