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Phillips Academy Procures Electricity Through World Energy Solutions

September 17, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

World Energy manageWorld Energy Solutions has helped Phillips Academy, a college preparatory secondary school, to procure over 26 million kWh of electricity to power its campus.

Through a series of competitive online auctions run on July 25, 2014 over the cloud-based World Energy Exchange, Phillips Academy tested 12 different terms and products for 80 accounts, including 70 residential buildings. Working with World Energy, Phillips Academy received more than 90 bids from seven electricity suppliers over the course of two hours, ultimately securing a competitive fixed rate. Delivery under the new 24-month contract begins in December 2014.

Since entering its prior electricity contract, Phillips Academy had seen energy prices rise significantly, making it important for the institution to procure a competitive contract, school officials said.

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