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PJM Tool Demos How Price Fluctuations, Weather Impact Customer Bills

February 9, 2016 By Cheryl Kaften

Factors such as fuel prices and weather can change the wholesale price of electricity. An interactive price calculator just posted on the PJM Interconnection’s Learning Center website helps users to simulate how market and climatic fluctuations will change their bills under different grid conditions.

The interactive tool offers two modules:

  • Weather $ Calculator – This screen allows the user to enter different variables regarding outdoor temperature and indoor thermostat settings – and instantly view the impact of weather on the wholesale price of electricity in the PJM region. The regional transmission organization cautions: This simulated price does not completely reflect what is charged to consumers in their retail electricity bills, as retailers must factor in other charges.
  • Natural Gas $ Calculator – This screens demonstrates how changes in the price of natural gas can impact the wholesale electricity price in the PJM region. For example, the wholesale electricity price will change when the user adjusts the price of natural gas, as well as the system load.

The Learning Center also offers information on generation sources, transmission and distribution, industry groups, and interconnection advantages; as well as videos on a variety of topics.

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