Platform Provides Energy Optimization for HVAC Systems

April 2, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Optimum Energy ManageOptimum Energy launched the OptiCx Platform to optimize energy usage for heating and cooling systems.

The OptiCx Platform provides individualized energy management and energy efficiency solutions for large-scale HVAC systems through two subscription levels: Essentials and Expert. The Essentials subscription offers operational analytics on HVAC system electricity consumption and carbon emissions. The scalable, modular design of the Expert platform offers options for incremental energy optimization, providing real-time system management that can reduce operational expenses by as much as 50 percent, according to Optimum Energy.

The OptiCx Platform communicates with mechanical systems and devices through a network of sensors that communicates directly with the Building Automation System (BAS).

Subscribers to the OptiCx Platform have access to a series of web and mobile-based applications, including the OptiCx Trend app for subscribers to respond to operational changes as they occur and verify site performance against forecasted and pre-optimized levels.

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