Plug Power Gets Hydrogen from Praxair

November 6, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Plug Power logoPlug Power signed a long-term hydrogen distribution agreement with Praxair. The agreement pairs Plug Power’s GenFuel hydrogen fueling infrastructure with Praxair’s liquid hydrogen supply.

Plug Power will offer Praxair hydrogen to its customers throughout the United States who are using its GenKey solution, consisting of three separate elements: GenDrive fuel cell units, GenFuel hydrogen fuel and infrastructure, and GenCare maintenance service.

Praxair maintains liquid hydrogen production capacity and distribution capabilities throughout North America. Praxair recently announced it was building a steam methane reformer to increase the supply of hydrogen for customers served from its liquid hydrogen plant in Niagara Falls, NY. When completed in 2015, Praxair’s Niagara Falls liquid hydrogen production capacity will increase by 50 percent.

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