Plug Power Provides Outdoor Hydrogen Fueling

November 19, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Plug Power logoPlug Power completed installation of its first GenFuel hydrogen infrastructure for the ground support equipment at the Memphis Airport.

This GenFuel infrastructure deployment includes a standard hydrogen storage tank, compression system, fuel pipelines, and Plug Power’s first outdoor GenFuel hydrogen dispensers that will be used for a 15-truck fleet of airport tuggers powered by Plug Power fuel cells.

The outdoor hydrogen dispenser varies from its indoor counterpart by providing an all-weather enclosure capable of protecting the equipment from harsh elements that can be experienced on an airport tarmac.

The Memphis truck drivers will be able to pull their vehicles up to the dispenser and personally refuel in three to four minutes.

Plug Power recently signed a long-term hydrogen distribution agreement with Praxair. The agreement pairs Plug Power’s GenFuel hydrogen fueling infrastructure with Praxair’s liquid hydrogen supply. Plug Power says the Memphis infrastructure uses hydrogen from Praxair.


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