PowerCell’s Fuel Cells Range to 25 kW

February 5, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Nordic fuel cell company PowerCell is in the final stage of development of its next generation fuel cell stack platform, the S2, which covers a larger power range of up to 25 kW compared to the company’s first generation fuel cell stack the S1, covering a power range of 1-5 kW.

The S2 is designed to work in an auxiliary power unit (APU) environment on reformate gas as well as on a variety of systems running on pure hydrogen, for both automotive and stationary fuel cell applications. The S2 uses proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology.

Of key importance is the fact that S2 fuel cells possess a high CO tolerance, which is a key factor to be able to run on reformate gas, according to PowerCell. PowerCell is in the process of selecting which pilot clients to cooperate with for prototype testing.

Last fall, PowerCell’s S1 fuel cell stack was examined by President Barack Obama during his state visit to Sweden.

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