Adobe: Stem Energy Storage | Adobe

“Adobe has gone to great lengths to improve their energy management. They have leveraged technology to help learn how they use electricity and predictive analytics to determine market pricing fluctuations to adjust energy consumption during peak periods without impacting their business.”

--Energy Manager Today Awards judge


adobe stem image reducedAdobe has engaged in many past energy management initiatives, making it a challenge to continue to reduce energy costs and environmental impact without compromising its ability to continue as a leader in digital media and marketing solutions, the company says. After evaluation, Adobe identified energy storage as a way to reduce electric costs, add visibility to operations and support California’s greenhouse gas reduction goals, without sacrificing high productivity.

Adobe created an energy savings forecast, then engaged Stem to implement one of the country’s first customer-sited energy storage systems. Stem’s intelligent energy storage system incorporates historical energy use, weather forecasts and rates to learn and then predict Adobe’s unique energy patterns. The 162 kW system stores and deploys energy automatically, with no effect on business operations. In addition to automated savings, Stem’s PowerScope software provides real-time and predicted energy use visibility for Adobe’s facility, helping identify costly peaks before they happen and delivering alerts should Adobe exceed a predetermined energy maximum.

The system reduces otherwise unassailable demand charges by as much as 10 percent each month, Adobe says. With a 10-year warranty and self-tuning algorithms, the systems will continue to generate increasing savings and protect against rising rates over the next decade. Additionally, Adobe includes its storage system in a network that Stem bids into California’s wholesale energy market, generating additional revenue.

“The predictive analytics in the system are very interesting,” said one judge. “The intelligence derived from them should result in significant energy savings.”

Intelligent energy storage is the first demand management solution that automatically shifts energy consumption away from high cost periods without affecting operations or occupants. As one of the first Fortune 500 and technology companies to install an on-site energy storage system, Adobe says it has helped pave the way for broader adoption of storage technology.