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“The Blue Pillar Aurora is a turnkey survey, retrofit, interface, and data storage platform which provides for a single solution for core metering, electrical, mechanical, and generation assets. It can add new equipment without custom software programming and has also worked with cyber-security experts, a real benefit.”
--Energy Manager Today Awards judge

blue pillar aurora reducedStranded facility meters, unmonitored critical power systems, dozens of facility equipment hardware vendors without a uniform connectivity and control interface — all are common problems facing today’s complex facilities. Aurora is a Digital Energy Internet of Things solution  focused on facilitating building owners who are looking to build a uniform platform for connecting to, collecting from, and controlling equipment within their facility regardless of make, model, vintage, or protocol.

Aurora enables facilities to connect any existing facility equipment — including meters, generators, automatic transfer switches, and any other intelligent mechanical equipment regardless of make, model, vintage, or protocol — and to collect meaningful energy, equipment status, critical alarms, and operational health and readiness data. The solution allows users to then control an entire facility’s equipment portfolio, execute critical power system compliance/readiness testing, and automate energy efficiency programs such as Demand Response.

For example, the company says, a regional healthcare customer uses Blue Pillar’s solutions to operate 65 facilities to enhance patient care and safety through better energy management. Aurora integrates with other Blue Pillar solutions to deliver a built-in metrics dashboards designed to track progress against a set of specific performance measurements. The platform delivers its facility managers real-time, one-line network diagrams encompassing all types of facility utilities including water, gas, electric, steam, etc. In terms of ROI, Demand Response enrollment is helping the healthcare customer to save on average $25,000 per year per enrolled site. The elimination of paid NEC load studies and energy reporting is saving the organization an average of $20,000 to $200,000 per year. Additionally, submetering capabilities have reduced the average utility bill by 5% across facilities, Blue Pillar says.

“The ability to connect to so many diverse equipment is an advantage,” said one judge. “Energy managers want to make decision based on data so they can zone in and respond appropriately and this technology is a perfect tool.”