Crown Casino: Energy and Operational Savings across an Entertainment Complex | Bueno

“The key to this technology is real time data. This will improve the response time to resolve issues before they become a real problem that could lead to big expenses.”

--Energy Manager Today Awards judge


bueno crown casino image reducedBuilt in 1997, Crown Casino’s operations team identified that the complex had a huge potential for energy use reduction. An energy efficiency program was started in 2010 to achieve energy savings. The challenge was to reduce energy usage across a vast property totalling over 5.5 million square feet of space that utilizes Automate Building Tuning by: addressing faults before they create Issues for the customer, increase energy consumption, or result in equipment failure; reduce management costs; reduce maintenance costs; provide integrated reporting; and avoid metering infrastructure.

After a market review of available analytic solutions by the Crown Operations Team was conducted, BUENO was appointed to provide a complete managed service approach to monitoring and analytics through the use of SkySpark technology. Rule algorithms were set to detect faults including heating and chilled water valves failing or not closing, failed dampers, VAV box failures, valves hunting, central plant short cycling, pumps/fan hunting, temperature set points not being achieved, equipment left in manual override mode, and invalid occupancy readings from room control sensors.

For the initial site, the Crown Promenade Hotel, BUENO was able to monitor, identify and rectify issues utilizing the BUENO analytics platform and SkySpark to achieve a 6 energy HVAC energy and 9 percent HVAC gas reduction for the first sevens months of implementation. This is estimated to rise to 10 to 15 percent (HVAC electricity) and 15 to 20 percent (HVAC gas) by the end of the year.

All expected faults plus more were found as a result of the SkySpark rule algorithms active across the facility. Due to the results to date, additional rule algorithms are being implemented and cost savings continue to be achieved through existing and newly detected faults

Moving forward, these results allow Crown to roll out the solution to their remaining Melbourne and Perth properties to continue to achieve cost savings, the resort says.

One judge called this a “solid project with expected results based on similar case studies in commercial real estate. The team was well managed and experienced with this type of project.”