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“Doesn’t just handle your utility bill, but also pulls in interval data for someone that is logging energy usage or submetering. It also handles benchmarking, GHG emissions, weather normalization and cost avoidance. If those weren’t enough, it allows for project tracking. This solid product provides for a holistic approach to energy management.”
--Energy Manager Today Awards judge

energyCAP image reducedEvery organization faces unique challenges in energy management, including utility bill processing, data integration, transparency, workflows, reporting, project prioritization, tracking and verification of savings. EnergyCAP utility bill management software includes the entire workflow process from manual or electronic bill data entry to auditing and bill verification, internal invoicing and cost allocations, detailed analysis, budgeting and forecasting, energy project identification and assessment, and day-to-day reporting, the company says.

EnergyCAP software provides multiple options for viewing and interpreting utility bill and meter data. Its web-savvy browser-based version helps display, validate and interpret historical energy data in graphical and tabular formats. Hallmarks of the product include true cost of avoidance using the IPMVP Option C Whole-Building methodology, graphical displays of utility bill cost/use data that can easily show rolled-up data at any organizational level, 50+ utility bill audits that can be automatically run individually or in groups to highlight issues, and an optional A/P interface. The software accommodates internal billing and cost recovery using utility data, and can integrate submeter data when available.

The company says that, since 1982, it has helped more than 10,000 energy managers get value from their organization’s utility bills. For example, Virginia Beach won the Louisville Award for Innovation in Government for improvements in utility bill processing using EnergyCAP, and Miami-Dade County standardized processes for handling electricity invoices for an anticipated $2 million in annual savings due to gains in energy data transparency and accessibility. EnergyCAP’s utility bill database, coupled with a browser-based UI, makes energy information actionable, the company says.

“The product allows companies to focus on and drive down energy usage,” said a judge. “I may have some interest in it myself, for our own use.”