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“For a business, being able to minimize the risk of high energy usage during peak periods where electric prices are the highest is critical. The Green Charge Energy Storage Platform helps mitigate that risk by providing stored energy to businesses during these periods of higher than average pricing. By efficiently learning and subsequently managing energy usage, it opens the door to substantial cost savings.”
--Energy Manager Today judge

green charge networks image reducedEnergy storage is the easiest way for energy managers to save money for commercial and industrial businesses, municipalities and schools, and Green Charge offers the first purpose-built lithium-ion intelligent energy storage product specifically targeting peak demand reduction, the company says. The platform encompasses five components: cloud-based software that automatically responds to peaks in demand by learning a facility’s energy use patterns; lithium-ion batteries designed to perform in various environments; a no-cost financing option with equipment, installation, warranty, ongoing operations and maintenance included; an ecosystem of industry partners including Sun Edison (solar), ChargePoint (EV charging) and Nissan (2nd life batteries) allowing managers to easily combine energy storage and other renewables; a portal providing second-by-second visibility into building load and historical data.

The core technology is a smart controller with sophisticated cloud-based software that monitors facility loads on a second-by-second basis. The result is a more efficient utilization of infrastructure assets already in place, such as transformers and feeder cables, smoothing out the peaks and valleys of load profiles. This improves the power efficiency of the facility and the entire electric grid.

As one judge said, “This is a good application of technology and product.”

Green Charge operates a shared savings business model – owning the systems at customer facilities and covering the capital expenses for installation and interconnection, as well as providing ongoing operations and maintenance services. This allows facilities to dramatically reduce energy costs with no capital output, cost or risk, the company says.

Green Charge’s solutions delivers savings of up to 50 percent in demand charges. In California schools, a sampling of ten schools/districts is expected to save more than $6.75M over the contract term. The Shore Hotel, the first hotel in the US to install an energy storage system coupled with fast DC EV charging, is also expected to save 50% in demand charges.