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“The value of the product is the multi-site, enterprise-level approach to energy management system implementation. Moreover, the product features asset- and system-level data collection, data management, analytics, controllability, and reporting. The abstracted system overlay (by way of the SaaS and consultative support) make the product widely applicable.”
--Energy Manager Today Awards judge

gridpoint image reducedGridPoint’s energy management suite is designed to help end-users reach their sustainability goals by giving them detailed visibility into a site’s energy profile and offering intelligent building control. The data GridPoint collects can diagnose malfunctioning equipment and remotely troubleshoot issues before technicians need to be called. It can also help companies make more intelligent capital purchases based on real, asset-level consumption data, the company says.

GridPoint uses submetering and monitoring sensors to collect real-time, granular energy data from assets such as HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, and renewable sources of energy as well as data about environmental conditions including temperature, CO2 and humidity. The data is then aggregated in GridPoint Energy Manager, a cloud-based software platform that leverages big data analytics to enable tools such as smart alarms, exception reporting, intelligent control, facility diagnostics, continuous demand management, and project and event tracking.

Additionally, GridPoint’s professional services offer support and insights that lead to savings, the company says. For example, an international media company installed GridPoint’s EMS at four locations, including its 800,000 sq.ft. headquarters. The company utilized the EMS to identify a 25% increase in chiller usage at headquarters resulting from a building management conversion. Fixing the issue generated annual electric savings of $50k. Additional savings of $13k per month were realized when compressor leaks pinpointed by GridPoint’s data analysts were remedied.

CDP recently recognized GridPoint’s sustainability capabilities by naming the company its first and only Carbon Reduction Partner, the company says.

One judge says GridPoint’s “excellent application of large amounts of data reduces costs and meets sustainability, GHG reduction goals.”