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“The intellicommand solution is a flexible service offering that provides real time monitoring and management of a building system. It is scalable, able to be applied to a single building or a building portfolio extending its availability from small businesses to large operations.”  

--Energy Manager Today judge


JLL intellicommand image reducedIntelliCommand is a cloud-based “smart building” solution that typically reduces building energy consumption 8% to 10% immediately, according to JLL. IntelliCommand collects data from building systems (e.g. HVAC, lighting) and analyzes it with artificial intelligence to continually optimize building performance. Users pay a monthly fee for online reports and dashboards to show the building operations team what is happening throughout the building, and then tells the team exactly what needs to be changed. For example, it could tell a building team to alter a specific damper setting. The IntelliCommand Command Center is manned 24/7 by building engineers, and allows interaction between the building team and operations experts to address more complicated issues. Teams can discuss problems and solutions with building operations experts. Because IntelliCommand understands building data, it can “predict” breakdowns before they occur, JLL says.

IntelliCommand has been installed in 12 Procter & Gamble buildings totaling 3.2 million square feet, and achieved cost savings to reach the break-even point in three months. The properties – including office, industrial, R&D and laboratory facilities – had been operated with high attention to energy efficiency before IntelliCommand was deployed, yet the smart building system reduced energy use by another 8 to 10 percent across the board, saving millions of dollars over time, JLL says. P&G is now in the process of implementing the solution at dozens of properties around the world, providing a scalable and global solution to cost reduction.

Even with building automation systems, it can be difficult for operating teams to process the continual streams of data produced by equipment and sensors throughout the building and turn that information into tangible actions. By continually reading and interpreting data, and applying algorithms, developed by building experts, to communicate specific commands and directions, IntelliCommand solves that problem, the company says.

“This is a unique system that leverages 24/7 monitoring to ensure buildings are operated in an energy efficient manner,” said one judge.