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“Panoramic Power has taken the concept of energy management to a micro level. While some products are touting their ability to help monitor energy usage at the meter level, Panoramic Power has kicked it up quite a few notches with device level monitoring. Businesses can now identify individual problematic pieces of equipment rather than simply knowing a general area of a problem. This can greatly enhance the energy management initiative of a business and have direct cost savings impacts.”

--Energy Manager Today Awards judge


panoramic power image reducedPanoramic Power’s Energy Management Platform brings transparency and visibility to energy usage, with real-time circuit-level energy measurement that gives companies actionable analytics and monthly reports for more informed decision-making to reduce energy, maintenance and operation costs, and to improve facility performance. Combining device level wireless sensor technology with cloud-based analytics, businesses gain unmatched visibility into their energy consumption and system level performance, Panoramic Power says.

Device level energy management lets companies discover precisely where their energy expenditures are taxing the  enterprise’s resources. The platform: allows companies to conduct measurements and verifications for retrofits, commissioning and LEED certifications; provides executive tools for prioritizing retrofits and operational improvements by load type and site location; identifies unseen problems and predict failures through real-time alerts, before they lead to thousands of dollars in wasted energy and/or equipment failures; and quickly determines when systems are not functioning properly to detect hidden operational inefficiencies and energy waste.

As sensors measure energy consumption at the device level, they transmit that information every 10 seconds through Panoramic Power’s communications bridge. The data is aggregated by a machine-learning analytics engine, then is analyzed by an advanced intelligence system to deliver sophisticated reports and statistical analyses on detailed energy and operational consumption. Finally, the systems deliver real-time alerts, automated reports, and ongoing visibility into all devices and systems.

Panoramic Power says its solution has won awards including Worldwide winner of the 2009 Qualcomm QPrize award, IBM Israel Smartcamp winner, 2012 Global Cleantech 100, and 2014 CleanTech Innovation Prize.

One judge called it a “good application of how connected buildings monitoring to the device level can make smart decisions on energy management to reduce consumption and decrease costs.”