Schneider Electric: Resource Advisor’s Performance Analytics and Energy Performance Services | Schneider Electric

“Schneider’s performance analytics brings context to energy and sustainability information for users at multiple levels in an organization. This system uses core energy data and slices and dices it through its powerful energy intelligence engine recognizing trends and identifying opportunities for energy reduction.”

--Energy Manager Today Awards judge



schneider electric resource advisor image reducedPerformance Analytics is a new suite of functionality within Schneider Electric’s StruxureWare Resource Advisor energy and sustainability software platform. This functionality builds on Resource Advisor’s existing set of capabilities, which includes the ability to monitor energy and carbon markets, manage key sustainability metrics and report results to stakeholders on more than 400 types of resource streams, including utility and facility data, weather data, and water and energy usage, the company says. Resource Advisor is Schneider Electric’s enterprise-level StruxureWare software application and part of the EcoStruxure architecture. Resource Advisor provides secure access to data, reports and summaries to drive your energy and sustainability programs.

To become more sustainable and efficient, companies must understand how their facilities consume resources on a site-by-site basis in enough detail to find inefficiencies and fix them. But they also need a simple way to look across the enterprise, in order to prioritize efforts, measure results, report to their stakeholders and compare themselves to their peers. Performance Analytics now allows Resource Advisor users to collect, visualize, and analyze near-real-time interval data from a variety of sources, in context of this enterprise-wide view of their data.

Resource Advisor provides this context, and now Performance Analytics drills down to interval-level information in a way that clients are finding very powerful, Schneider Electric says.

According to one judge, the interface is easy to use and the solution makes a good connection to other owner sustainability goals.