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“Urjanet platform solves the problem of handling a large amount of utility data.  Energy managers can forget about manually collecting utility invoices and keying them in manually, which can be long and tedious. I see this as a great transition in the billing and energy analysis space.”

--Energy Manager Today Awards judge



urjanet image reducedUrjanet’s approach is innovative, the company says, because it focuses exclusively on a single thing: delivering the world’s best utility data by combining disruptive technology with an expansive network of global utility connections. Urjanet’s platform enables companies to automate the entire utility data collection, normalization and delivery process, gaining a new level of visibility into their energy consumption.

Urjanet’s cloud-based utility data platform processes millions of utility bills, extracting all data points and normalizing them in a way that makes the data highly useful to energy management, sustainability, accounting and procurement professionals. The company says it maintains the world’s largest and fastest growing network of utility connections comprised of over 2,000 of the largest utilities. This network enables Urjanet crawlers to continuously visit these utilities to efficiently collect timely and accurate data.

Accessing disparate utility data is the “must do” first step in any energy or sustainability management program, Urjanet believes. Energy and sustainability solutions providers around the world rely on Urjanet data to power their processes and applications. Ecova, Verisae, Schneider Electric, thinkstep and others have incorporated Urjanet into their solutions to improve operational efficiency, profits and customer satisfaction, while energy managers use data provided in these solutions to reduce energy consumption and spend.

One judge called Urjanet Utility Data an “innovative platform delivering thousands of utility data and connections worldwide.”