Pushback Against Solar Farms in MN

May 9, 2016 By Carl Weinschenk

DIRECTV SolarCityThe Star Tribune posted a story last week on push back against the use of land for solar power.

The story focuses on Wright County, MN. The county board has approved seven solar projects and two others are pending. Residents have become uneasy about the possibility that the solar farms will alter the landscape and take over what was farmland.

The resistance has been so great that the board unanimously passed an emergency moratorium on new projects. A public hearing on the subject is scheduled for May 10. The story says that an extension of the moratorium to a year could be voted upon.

One of the key challenges of solar energy is that a good deal of space is required for panels. Creative arrangements are growing. For instance, Soltage has an agreement to supply 2.4 mWh of energy to Quinsigamond Community College in West Brookfield, MA. The energy will be acquired through net-meter and actually be generated by solar panels located 25 miles away in Worcester, MA.

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