Raritan Switch Provides Outlet-level Metering

March 18, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

RaritanRaritan, a provider of data center infrastructure management (DCIM), announced new power management capabilities for its Intelligent Rack Transfer Switch that helps data centers keep equipment operating through power failures and provides insights on energy usage and rack-equipment health.

The Intelligent Rack Transfer Switch – which uses a patent-pending hybrid design for load transfers from one power source to another – now offers outlet-level metering and power switching. Raritan says the switch is ideal for cloud computing infrastructures and data center racks filled with one-power-supply devices.

The new transfer switch can monitor power at the outlet-level, as well as the inlet-level, providing more granular energy information useful for capacity planning and managing energy costs. The transfer switch’s new secure switching capabilities enable power to a device to be turned on and off remotely.

For more visibility to the data center rack, many customers use Raritan’s DCIM software to analyze and monitor the power information gathered by the transfer switch, as well as the health of the power chain, says Raritan.

Available worldwide, the Raritan Intelligent Rack Transfer Switch offers a number of options and a range of voltage and plug types.

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