Real Estate Management Firm Incorporates DiBOSS

January 23, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

UnknownAMP Technologies will provide energy management data through Selex ES’ digital building operating system (DiBOSS).

AMP Technologies offers a suite of products and services for commercial real estate management, including services around due diligence, property accounting, lease administration, asset management and data standardization. The AMP Technologies Platform monitors and manages individual properties and large portfolios.

Italian company Selex ES has worked with Columbia University and New York City-based Rudin Management to create DiBOSS. John Gilbert, chief operating officer and EVP with Rudin Management, said DiBOSS is a self-learning building management system that is installed in eight of Rudin’s buildings, totaling roughly six million square feet. Gilbert said DiBOSS is saving the company from $.50 to $1.00 per square foot, and the payback ranges from seven to 12 months.

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