REC Management System Provided

January 21, 2014 By William Opalka

GE wind turbineManitoba Hydro, the largest energy utility from the Province of Manitoba, acquired a renewable energy credit (REC) management tool that ensures an up-to-date inventory is kept in compliance with regional renewable energy tracking systems.

OATI provided Manitoba Hydro OATI webREC, an intuitive solution to effectively manage REC transactions, REC inventory, and REC status. Manitoba Hydro is also now equipped with the ability to identify new revenue opportunities by monitoring unbundled RECs available for sale for all vintage months.

OATI webREC accurately performs generation allocation by assigning generation MWh to Manitoba Hydro’s obligations, such as bilateral contract sales and sales into markets utilizing a flexible rules-based allocation engine. The powerful allocation rules engine allows Manitoba Hydro to account for both symmetric and asymmetric rules, rule priorities, allocation policies, and execution sequences based on their specific needs.

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