Redflow and Flextronics Reduce Zinc Bromide Battery Pricing

September 17, 2015 By Carl Weinschenk

redflow2Redflow and Flextronics have reduced the costs of zinc-bromide batteries by half. Redflow is offering is naked ZBM at 20 cents per kWh of throughput. The cost for the product was 48 cents per kWh six months ago, according to pv magazine. The reductions drops the cost below grid price levels, according to the company.

Redflow is an Australian firm and Flextronics, which handle most of the manufacturing of the battery, is in North America. Redflow has begun transitioning to ACN13 electrode surface coating. The use of the new coating is being integrated with the outsourcing of electrode manufacturing to Flextronics. Redflow said that in-house testing showed “substantial improvement” in physical operating characteristics and projected product lifetime.

The retail price of the 10kWh ZBM2 has been reduced to $8,000 (a 16 percent reduction) and the 11 kWh ZBM3 to $8,800 (a 10 percent reduction).

iTWire reported last month that Redflow plans early next year to release a battery management system that will enable the use of its zinc bromide batteries in homes and small businesses. The company has focused on large businesses to date. The company’s ZBM batteries can be fully charged and discharged daily with no damage and can be left fully charged or discharged for long periods, the story said.

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