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Report: EPA Carbon Regulations Won’t Impact Reliability

March 18, 2015 By Josh Kessler

The Analysis Group released a report on March 16 that the EPA Clean Power Plan (CPP), which will regulate CO2 emissions beginning in 2020, will not impact grid reliability in the PJM Interconnect region. (PJM oversees electricity markets in 13 states across the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest, as well as the District of Columbia.) The report showed that PJM is already taking the actions necessary to ensure that states can comply with the plan, primarily by switching from an electricity supply mix based primarily on coal to one based on cleaner generation from natural gas and wind. PJM’s proposed “reliability safety valve” is not necessary, according to the Analysis Group.

The report, “Electric System Reliability and EPA’s Clean Power Plan: The Case of PJM,” was funded by The Energy Foundation, a nonprofit focused on advancing energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. This is second in a series of reports on the Clean Power Plan. The first report, released in February, discussed nationwide issues that will need to be addressed to meet both reliability needs and CO2 reduction requirements. The February report found that reliability and emissions reductions goals are compatible, provided that key stakeholders act in a timely manner.

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