Retroficiency Helps 3 New Utilities Reach out to Commercial Customers

May 14, 2015 By Linda Hardesty

Retroficiency Energy ManageRetroficiency’s advanced meter analytics has recently been implemented across three new utility commercial energy efficiency programs: AEP Ohio, Puget Sound Energy and The United Illuminating Company, which collectively serve more than 300,000 commercial customers consuming nearly 26 terawatt-hours of energy annually.

Retroficiency’s Virtual Energy Assessment is enabling energy savings across a diverse set of commercial customer segments, including small, midsize and large customers.

For example, at Puget Sound Energy, Retroficiency’s analytics-based insights across different types of meter data help the utility understand its customers more quickly. Showing a building owner how their specific building uses energy and the controls- and retrofit-based changes they could make to reduce consumption serves as a powerful conversation starter for the utility.

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