Schneider Electric Announces PowerLogic ION EEM Version 4.0 R2 for Energy Management

November 28, 2012 By Jennifer Hermes

Schneider Electric announced the availability of a new version of PowerLogicTM IONTM EEM, the enterprise energy management software that unites business and energy strategies across the enterprise.

PowerLogic ION EEM software is an energy data warehousing application capable of performing wide-area analysis of events and conditions, giving stakeholders from management to operations actionable energy and power reliability intelligence. Energy managers can use ION EEM software to allocate energy costs accurately across energy cost centers, uncover energy efficiency opportunities, isolate power quality and reliability problems, and drive cost and risk reduction strategies.

The latest edition of ION EEM, v4.0 R2, increases the ability to integrate vast quantities of diverse data and offers a new EEM application interface providing connectivity to an advanced visualization toolkit to enable sophisticated dashboards, according to the company. It features revamped energy modeling engine, improvements to user workflows, new features to improve content sharing, and considerable performance enhancements.

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