Schneider Expands Weather Forecasting Services

June 25, 2014 By Karen Henry

Schneider Energy ManageSchneider Electric is expanding its relationships with PJM Interconnection and Public Service Electric & Gas of New Jersey (PSE&G) with new products from its weather forecasting suite.

PJM Interconnection is incorporating Schneider Electric’s GIS web services weather data into an interactive dispatch map, allowing system operators to integrate multiple data sources, including weather data and its transmission system.

Integrated data overlays improve overall situational awareness for PJM’s system operators, helping them to make decisions about controlling the grid, dispatching generation and maintaining grid reliability.

PSE&G is incorporating Schneider Electric’s Energy Event Index to support its Emergency Preparedness and Outage Management divisions. By providing a categorized threat risk for PSE&G operational regions, the Energy Event Index will allow PSE&G to make improved mutual aid and crew-management decisions.

Schneider Electric is one of a growing trend of companies to offer weather forecasting services in the energy sector. These services are proving, in many cases, to be more accurate than traditional meteorology. For example, StatWeather, which provides probability-based weather prediction systems, correctly forecasted a less active 2013 hurricane season, and an extremely cold, stormy winter for the Midwest.

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