Schneider Electric ‘Mentors’ Smaller Energy Company

October 7, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

schneider-electric-logo-energy-manageThe Small Business Administration (SBA) has approved an agreement between Schneider Electric and Utility System Solutions (US2) under the SBA’s Mentor-Protégé Program.

Schneider will act as a mentor for US2 on federal projects. US2 is a construction management and energy monitoring company.

Federal agencies are required to set aside at least 23 percent of contracts for small businesses. In addition, the SBA created the Mentor-Protégé Program to help small businesses be competitive by partnering with larger, successful firms.

The Mentor-Protégé Program provides the structure for US2 to leverage the strengths of Schneider Electric through specialized training, joint marketing and sharing of corporate best practices. US2 customers will have access to Schneider Electric’s resources for support of projects that require bonding over $5 million. US2 customers will also benefit from Schneider Electric’s expertise in advanced metering systems, power management, building automation and energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs). The partnership will benefit Schneider Electric’s customers as well, who will gain reliable turnkey installation expertise from US2, which has performed more than 150 turnkey projects for federal and private end users.

Both organizations currently serve the federal government, including the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Energy, the General Services Administration and the Department of Defense.

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