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Governor Brown’s ‘Big Ideas’ for Energy & Climate

Governor Brown was sworn into office earlier this month and gave his fourth inaugural address, which also doubled as his State of the State (a rare double feature). Though he touched on a variety of other proposals, the Governor kept his laser focused on climate and energy issues. He proposed three carefully worded, but ambitious,   …Continue Reading

Cost of Energy Efficiency Is under Half the Cost of Building Coal Power Plants

After mining the results of energy efficiency programs representing every US region, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) researchers have reported the initial result that the average total cost of saved energy is only  4.4 cents per kilowatt hour. This means that smarter uses of energy can replace dirty coal at a fraction of the cost of building   …Continue Reading

Planning for the 21st Century Grid

It seems everyone involved with renewable energy and climate change is asking the same question these days.  What will the 21st century grid look like?  This is one of the key questions the Department of Energy is asking as part of the first “Quadrennial Energy Review (QER)” seeking to understand how much modernizing the nation’s   …Continue Reading

Climate Declaration Means Opportunities for GM

General Motors remains the only automaker among 750 signatories of the Climate Declaration, organized by sustainable business advocacy group Ceres and its Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy coalition. GM’s investments are reducing its energy costs by at least $170 million. For the second consecutive year, the EPA recognized GM with a 2014 Energy Star Partner   …Continue Reading

CNEE Proposes Over 200 Climate Change Ideas

A group of more than 100 CEOs, energy experts and academics led by former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter and his Center for the New Energy Economy have delivered President Obama a report containing more than 200 ideas on how he can act on global climate change. The report, which Ritter called a “comprehensive menu of options” for the President, was developed   …Continue Reading

Smart Grid: On a Path Toward Climate Stability?

Is smart grid on a path toward climate stability? Yes, it is. Looking at the issue of climate stability purely from an environmental perspective, simply shutting down coal operations does not present a politically feasible plan nor hit the target of any reasonable climate forecast. The concept of shutting down global coal operations would require   …Continue Reading

C2ES Report: Natural Gas Key for Dealing with Climate Change

…together with President Obama’s Climate Action Plan The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (“C2ES”) released on June 4, 2013 a comprehensive report entitled “Leveraging Natural Gas To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions” (the Report or C2ES Report).  The synergy and symmetry between the C2ES Report and President Obama’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) released on June   …Continue Reading

Plans To Boost Grid Hampered By Fragmented Ownership

President Obama’s plans for climate change action called for strengthening the power grid, but with 500 owners and individual states and regions rolling out plans independent from each other, that’s easier said than done, reports the New York Times. It says hundreds of Department of Energy engineers have spent the last three years attempting a   …Continue Reading

Climate Plan Jumps Ahead to Mitigating Weather-Related Disasters

President Obama laid out his new Climate Action Plan in a speech at Georgetown University yesterday, and as expected, he directed the Environmental Protection Agency to work closely with states, industry and other stakeholders to establish carbon pollution standards for both new and existing power plants. Also as expected, partisan groups issued statements applauding or   …Continue Reading

Obama Energy Plan Could Impact Buildings, Appliances

While in Berlin this week, President Barack Obama indicated he would use executive powers to do more to alleviate global warming, and some of those efforts will impact facility and energy managers. Obama’s senior energy and climate adviser, Heather Zichal, said parts of the plan will boost the energy efficiency of appliances and buildings, plus   …Continue Reading