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GEA Sees ‘Substantial’ Growth in Geothermal Market

The international geothermal power market is booming, and the US could soon lose its status as the world leader in geothermal energy production, according to a report from the Geothermal Energy Association. For instance, the US has about 1,000 MW in the pipeline and 3,400 MW nameplate capacity for a total of 4,400 MW. Meanwhile,   …Continue Reading

Climate Declaration Means Opportunities for GM

General Motors remains the only automaker among 750 signatories of the Climate Declaration, organized by sustainable business advocacy group Ceres and its Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy coalition. GM’s investments are reducing its energy costs by at least $170 million. For the second consecutive year, the EPA recognized GM with a 2014 Energy Star Partner   …Continue Reading

EU’s Wind Energy Potential Stifled by Public Opposition

European Union policymakers have put forth an objective that promotes an increase in the use of renewable energy sources to achieve 27 percent renewable generation by 2030. In line with this goal, the EU’s wind industry has grown annually since 1995. However, despite this proposed benchmark for 2030, the EU has not passed any formal   …Continue Reading

Solar Milestone Reached in CA; to Take Advantage, Grid Must Be Modernized

California can feel good about the fact that it has more than half of all the solar rooftops in America, but now there’s even more to celebrate – the 100,000th such installation and the commitment it signifies. This milestone demonstrates the substantial opportunity we have to make use of this ample and clean energy source and the importance of   …Continue Reading

How Energy Plays a Role in Water Usage

The UN World Water Day aims to raise global awareness of water usage and conservation. As part of #WorldWaterDay, here are some thoughts on the important role energy plays in water usage. Water is required to produce nearly all forms of energy, and energy is needed at all stages of water extraction, treatment and distribution.   …Continue Reading

GE Wants More of the Energy Storage Pie

Seeking a larger role in the energy storage sector, General Electric Oil & Gas has signed a global licensing and technology collaboration agreement with Highview Power Storage, a UK supplier of large-scale liquid air energy storage systems. The companies will explore opportunities to integrate Highview’s liquid air storage technology in power plants where GE gas   …Continue Reading

Budget Bill Light Bulb Enforcement Rider: Pointless Political Theater with Potential To Hurt American Manufacturers, Jobs

Congress is moving forward on a catch-all spending bill that restores some much needed funding for health and environment safeguards the American people depend on.   That’s good news.   But the bill also includes some misguided provisions or “riders” on climate and energy that are wholly unrelated to the budget.  These riders move us backward and   …Continue Reading

CNEE Proposes Over 200 Climate Change Ideas

A group of more than 100 CEOs, energy experts and academics led by former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter and his Center for the New Energy Economy have delivered President Obama a report containing more than 200 ideas on how he can act on global climate change. The report, which Ritter called a “comprehensive menu of options” for the President, was developed   …Continue Reading

Data Centers & the Importance of Energy Efficiency in Co-location, Cloud and Hosted IT Environments

An ever-expanding and changing digital society has not only spurred the growth and proliferation of data centers touching every facet of daily life, but has also caused the evolution of the data center itself. Consider these predictions for the year 2016: Annual data traffic will exceed 60,000 petabytes, according to ABI Research The number of   …Continue Reading

Portland State Creates Revolving Fund for Energy Efficiency Projects

Portland State University (PSU) launched a $500,000 Green Revolving Fund to support projects on campus that lower PSU’s utility bills and advance the goals of the University’s Climate Action Plan. A spokeswoman for PSU said “The $500,000 is a newly set aside portion of an already allotted deferred maintenance budget at PSU. The Green Revolving   …Continue Reading

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