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Lighting Science Installs Solar Powered LED Streetlights in Mexico City

Lighting Science Group introduced the FreeLED solar roadway system, featuring an integrated solar panel, battery pack, complete power management system and the self-learning capability to automatically adapt to its operating environment. The FreeLED system’s minimum 120 lm/W efficacy permits optimized energy utilization from the battery packs, which are designed for extensive operating time periods. In   …Continue Reading

Streetlight Retrofit in China’s Foshan City Achieves 70% Energy Savings

The Utilities Department of Nanhai District, Foshan City, China, contracted with Chinese lighting company Guangdong Rongwen Energy Science and Technology to retrofit just over 14,000 LED streetlights, LEDs Magazine reports. Rongwen was tasked with providing a solution that would complement the city’s energy savings program and provide LED product procurement, construction, installation and commissioning, training,   …Continue Reading

Device Plugs Into Streetlights to Save Energy

Muni-Fed Energy has delivered 1,300 LiteOwl energy-savings devices for streetlights to the City of Moreno Valley, Calif. The LiteOwl sits atop any standard Cobra-style lighting fixture that has a standard NEMA socket for a photocell. The LiteOwl is placed between the fixture and the photocell, no tools needed. When the lamp is activated, the LiteOwl   …Continue Reading

Silver Spring Networks Buys Streetlight.Vision

Silver Spring Networks completed the acquisition of Streetlight.Vision, a Paris-based software company that manages smart streetlight networks. In addition to the City of Paris, Silver Spring and Streetlight.Vision are engaged in smart streetlight projects in cities such as Copenhagen, Dublin, Miami, Oslo, and Dongguan and Foshan in China. Silver Spring’s IPv6 networking platform for the   …Continue Reading

City Powers LED Streetlights with Solar

The municipality of Izamal, Mexico, hired Martifer Solar and Citelum, a provider of public lighting, to provide the city with solar energy and LED lighting. The Girasol project will be developed through a 15-year contract between Citelum and Izamal. Martifer Solar will serve as the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor for the 1.46 MW   …Continue Reading

San Luis Obispo Saves 65% on Streetlight Energy

City officials of San Luis Obispo, Calif., collaborated with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to replace more than 2,000 outdated high pressure sodium streetlights with Cree XSP Series LED streetlights, reducing the city’s annual energy consumption by more than 65 percent. The city also expects to cut maintenance and service expenses by 60 percent   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficient Streetlights Installed in 25 Towns

More than 5,700 streetlights have been installed in 25 smaller metropolitan areas in Kansas and Missouri under a just-concluded program to promote energy efficiency. The Smart Lights for Smart Cities initiative installed the lights that are brighter and cheaper to operate, through the Mid-America Regional Council’s (MARC)  program. The three-year project was funded by an Energy   …Continue Reading

Chinese Province Installs 48,000 Controllable LED Streetlights

Echelon Corporation will work with Chinese lighting company Rongwen to provide a lighting control system with 48,000 light emitting diode (LED) streetlights for the prefectures of Dongguan and Foshan in Guangdong province. With the controls, the prefectures will be able to cut energy costs with 30 percent more savings than just using high-efficiency LEDs. Additional   …Continue Reading

Schools Roundup: Duke LED Streetlights, Sweetwater School District 3.3 MW Solar, McKinney School District Half-Watt Wednesday

Duke University in North Carolina has begun a year-long project to replace 1,460 existing streetlamps with new, energy-efficient LED bulbs. The effort will reduce replaced lights’ energy use by about 75 percent, according to Duke Today. The installation of LED bulbs has the potential to save Duke as much as $188,000 in energy and operational   …Continue Reading

Portland Gets LED Streetlights

In February, Portland General Electric will begin switching 25,000 of its high-power sodium lights to more energy-efficient LEDs. Five counties and 47 cities are slated to get the lights in 2013 and 2014, with Clackamas County, including Portland, getting them first, according to Oregon Live. Following its regular light-replacement schedule, PGE will then install LED   …Continue Reading