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Long Beach, CA, Finishes First Phase of LED Streetlight Project

Long Beach, CA, has replaced about 1,750 high pressure sodium streetlights with LEDs, according to The Long Beach Post. This marks the completion of the first phase of the retrofit project, the story said. The Port of Long Beach Community Migration Grant of $659,000 paid for the changeover. The second phase of the project will   …Continue Reading

Compromise Reached on Streetlights in Las Cruces

A compromise between the astronomical community and city officials in Las Cruces, NM on LED street lighting has been reached, according to the Las Cruces Sun. The city is in the process of retrofitting 7,563 streetlights with LEDs. The new fixtures are bright. Indeed, the story says that they could violate the outdoor lighting ordinance.   …Continue Reading

Jacksonville Aims at Big Savings with LED Streetlights

The LED streetlights Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) is installing are expected to save at least $1 million annually. The story at says that the lights are more expensive than the high pressure sodium lights that are being replaced, but that the savings over time and the increased brightness makes the switch prudent. The story   …Continue Reading

Derry Installing LED Streetlights

Derry, NH, is replacing its streetlights with LEDs, according to The New Hampshire Union Leader. The project, which began on February 1, will eventually see the replacement of 930 of the existing high pressure sodium lights. The story says that the new lights are expected to produce sharper white light compared to the “yellowish hue”   …Continue Reading

Xcel Energy Replacing Streetlights in 8 States

Xcel Energy is replacing streetlights in the eight states it serves. The project will take five years and cost $100 million, according to a story at EnergyBiz that originally posted at The StarTribune. The first stop is Minnesota, where it will switch all of its 100,000 existing lights with LEDs. The story says that the   …Continue Reading

Washington City Saves, Drives Efficiencies with LED Streetlights

West Richmond, WA, recently replaced 1,097 streetlights with Autobahn LED luminaries from Acuity Brands, according to Equipment World. The transition enables energy use to be reduced by more than 60 percent and, according to the story, increases illumination and addresses “dark sky” conditions. The city simultaneously installed Acuity’s ROAM wireless monitoring system that enables the   …Continue Reading

Ameresco Installs LED Streetlights, Wireless Controls for Town

Ameresco completed an LED streetlighting and control project for the City of West Richland, Washington. The project team converted 1,097 high-pressure sodium (HPS) streetlights to energy efficient LED luminaires and installed a wireless monitoring and control system. The new LED streetlights are expected to reduce the system’s annual electricity consumption by 61 percent, saving the   …Continue Reading

4,300 Solar Streetlights Illuminate Brazilian Highway

Kyocera is completing Brazil’s largest highway solar-lighting project on the Arco Metropolitano do Rio de Janeiro, a highway project connecting the five main highways crossing Rio de Janeiro. Slightly more than half of the 145-kilometer highway will be lit at night by stand-alone solar streetlights powered by Kyocera solar modules, installed by Soter over the   …Continue Reading

GPS-Enabled LED Streetlights Save $600,000 per Year

The City of Oceanside, California, recently installed more than 7,700 GE LED roadway fixtures equipped with a GPS-enabled controls system. A GPS chip on every fixture is part of GE’s LightGrid technology. A node or photo control on the LEDs allows the city’s Public Works team to monitor each light through a Web-based interface and   …Continue Reading

NH City to Save $500,000 Annually with LED Streetlights

Siemens has reached the halfway point in its streetlight retrofit project for the City of Manchester, New Hampshire, having installed over 4,500 energy efficient LEDs. The full project installation of 9,000 new LED streetlights, nearly a month ahead of schedule, will result in over $500,000 annually in energy and maintenance savings and reduce energy usage   …Continue Reading