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Street Light Controls Save Energy

Hubbell Lighting rolled out a wireless lighting control product for new and existing street lights. The Hubbell Building Automation’s (HBA) wiSCAPE uses a combination of universal street light modules and connecting gateways. Hubbel says street lights account for nearly 40 percent of a city’s electrical spending. By networking street lights, users can manage, monitor and   …Continue Reading

Chicago May Solicit Private Investors to Pay for Energy Efficient Street Lights

Chicago created the Chicago Infrastructure Trust in 2012 as a way for the city to use private investment to pay for projects it otherwise could not afford. The Trust is currently paying for $13 million of energy efficiency improvements to 62 city buildings. Private investors earn a return on their investment. Now, the Trust is   …Continue Reading

Costa Rican University Studies Health Effects of LEDs

ForceField Energy was awarded a contract with the Comptroller General’s Office of the Republic of Costa Rica to supply and install its SL3 LED streetlights in the government agency’s parking facility. In addition, ForceField Energy has formed a strategic alliance with the University of Costa Rica (UCR) to support a project to study the health   …Continue Reading

Energy Efficient Streetlights Installed in 25 Towns

More than 5,700 streetlights have been installed in 25 smaller metropolitan areas in Kansas and Missouri under a just-concluded program to promote energy efficiency. The Smart Lights for Smart Cities initiative installed the lights that are brighter and cheaper to operate, through the Mid-America Regional Council’s (MARC)  program. The three-year project was funded by an Energy   …Continue Reading

NYC Streets Lit by LEDs by 2017

All 250,000 standard streetlight fixtures in New York City will be replaced with energy efficient LEDs by 2017, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced. Compared to the current standard high-pressure sodium lights currently on streets, which last six years, LEDs can last up to 20 years before needing replacement, potentially producing up to an 80 percent   …Continue Reading

Top Corporate Environmental Projects of the Year

This year, the Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards have been opened for corporations to submit projects they have implemented that helped improve sustainability metrics (or for consultants to submit projects they have implemented for corporate partners). Here are a few ideas, examples of successful projects that have come across our desks in recent months.   …Continue Reading

Brighter Cities One Bulb at a Time

The United States is in the middle of an energy revolution. Manufacturers have been steadily improving energy efficient lighting and appliances while dropping costs. Utility companies continue to invest in alternative energy sources such as solar and wind. At one end of the spectrum, individual consumers are taking their hard-earned money and renovating their homes.   …Continue Reading

LED Street Lights Save Las Vegas $2 Million Per Year

Las Vegas has installed 42,000 new LED streetlights and is saving $2 million a year on reduced electricity bills and maintenance costs. The new LEDs cut the city’s electricity bill for streetlights in half, and the new bulbs last almost three times as long as the old bulbs before they must be replaced, reducing the   …Continue Reading

Partnerships: E.ON, IBM; Silver Spring Networks, Sunrise Technologies

Silver Spring Networks partnered with Sunrise Technologies, a manufacturer of street lighting photocontrols for utilities. Silver Spring’s networking platform will be integrated into Sunrise Technologies’ utility-grade BrownBetty OpenGrid Light Control module. Silver Spring Networks’ secure IP platform, at scale across 17 million connected endpoints, enables utility customers to deploy large street light networks across their   …Continue Reading

LED Street Light Costs $99, Uses 65% Less Energy

Cree says its new XSPR LED residential street light consumes 65 percent less energy than high-pressure sodium fixtures up to 100 watts. At an initial cost as low as $99 for common applications, the street light can deliver payback in less than one year for municipalities and cities. The payback is calculated against high-pressure sodium   …Continue Reading

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