Security Offered for AC Units

January 9, 2014 By William Opalka

VPSVacant Property Security (VPS) has introduced the A/C Fortress III, a unit that encases air-conditioning units with virtually impenetrable 14-gauge steel. As a deterrent to the theft of air-conditioning units and copper, the A/C Fortress III protects central units at vacant and occupied properties.

The design minimizes tampering by using proprietary brackets that have no pry points. This anchoring system provides more than 2,000 pounds of resistance at three separate points. In addition, the product’s unique design allows airflow to and from the unit, providing security for the units even while they are operating.

The A/C Fortress III is available for purchase as a kit that can be installed on-site. VPS also provides installation and removal services as part of a monthly rental program, providing property owners, property managers and builders with extensive flexibility.


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