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Siemens Building Management Platform Includes Energy Procurement

June 20, 2014 By Linda Hardesty

Siemens-Energy-ManageThe Siemens Building Technologies Division launched Advantage Navigator, a software platform that can track the long-term performance of a single building, entire physical campus, or virtual network of hundreds of sites. The cloudbased software enables users to monitor and analyze total building performance as measured through energy consumption, energy procurement and key sustainability performance indicators.

The Advantage Navigator platform evolved from Siemens’ Energy Management and Controlling (EMC) software, which collects, connects, and analyzes data. Whereas EMC focused primarily on the demand side and consumption information, Advantage Navigator incorporates energy supply management to provide a complete picture of total energy management.

The Advantage Navigator platform serves as a customer portal for such areas as supply management, system performance, and compliance reporting. The technology can provide a holistic and enterprise-wide view of energy and operational performance, resulting in better energy reporting, improved energy monitoring, accurate utility bill management and carbon reporting.

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